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Dealing with the taxman is most people’s nightmare, the forms look horribly complicated and it’s even more worrying when he writes to you.  We’ll take all that hassle for you, completing and filing your returns and letting you know how much tax to pay and when.  If the taxman comes knocking at your door asking questions we will field them for you and keep you fully informed of the progress.  All our clients are part of our fee protection scheme where, if HMRC do begin to enquire into your affairs, our fees are fully covered in dealing with them on your behalf.

Tax Planning

The other side to making sure that you have correctly declared all your income to HMRC is reviewing your affairs to make sure they are as tax efficient as possible.  We give all our tax clients ideas and tips as to how they could save tax annually and, for those who like to be more aggressive in their tax saving, we have access to a number of higher risk tax strategies